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Gerry Marr, LMFT

Gerry Marr has been immersed in the healing arts since the early seventies. A product of experimental education since high school, he studied Gestalt and Polarity Therapy as well as metaphysics. He was an instructor of various Body Therapy modalities for years. As founder of the Touching Aids Massage Project, Gerry trained Massage Therapists to work with people living with Aids, providing hundreds of individuals with massage at no charge for nearly a decade. Gerry has studied and practiced Tai Chi Chuan for over 40 years, teaching since 1980. He offers a weekly Tai Chi group for the Windhorse community.

Ongoing studies of Polarity Therapy ultimately led to pursuit of a Masters Degree in depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Gerry worked at CALM, Child Abuse Listening and Mediation, for ten years. His traineeship included individual, group and family therapy for survivors of abuse and domestic violence. He provided Intensive In-Home Therapy and worked with the Spirit Wraparound Team in conjunction with Santa Barbara County Children’s Services as a Child and Family Specialist.

The contemplative approach and spiritual environment drew Gerry to Windhorse. He is a licensed marriage and family therapist.

Northampton, MA

211 North Street
Northampton, MA 01060

San Luis Obispo, CA

1411 Marsh Street, Suite 103
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Portland, OR

2120 SW Jefferson Street, Suite 300
Portland, OR 97201

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