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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Program

What makes us unique?

We offer a great deal of one-on-one support; for full teams this is over 40 hours a week of one-to-one time with Windhorse staff.

A strong team process importance placed on each voice being heard (including the client’s), and collaboration around decision-making to handle the challenges and predicament of the individual’s unique journey of recovery.

We see relationships, and in particular familiar and intimate relationships, as a foundation for sustainable healing.

We also offer significant support with the opportunity to be in an independent lifestyle.

We work from the experiences and challenges of the present moment with thoughtfulness given to the future.

What ages do you take?

We take clients who are 18 years and older, with a number of our clients ranging from their 20s into their 60s.

What kind of residential program is Windhorse?

Windhorse is considered a semi-residential program. Our clients do not live together in group homes or apartment complexes. Each of our clients lives in an apartment and most live with a therapeutic housemate.

How can you insure client safety?

It is important to note that we are not a 24/7 lock up. Our client safety in the program is held through incredible communication and a team that stay present in any situation. Our communication between team members, family, and the wider community is unparalleled and Team Leaders are available for any crisis.

What constitutes a good fit for the Windhorse program?

Our program does not relay on interventions, micromanaging medications, or group scheduling. Our program is designed for people who desire increased independence and a return to a normalized life in their own community.

One of our biggest considerations in who is a right fit for the program is the client’s willingness to work towards recovery and to show up in our program. We get to know our clients, their families, and their external support throughout the admissions process and work together to figure out if the person is a good fit for our program.

We don’t accept every potential client who applies. We may work with you to decide that our program would be better at a later time, or more support is needed than we can offer. If our program is not the best fit, we do our best to help you figure out the best path forward and help with next steps.

How much independence do clients have?

Our clients should be able to spend time alone while receiving significant support in developing independence and autonomy.

As we get to know our clients we work together as a team to create a weekly, individualized schedule that fits the clients needs, interests, activities, and level of support needed.

How much interaction is there among clients?

Clients have the opportunity to interact through optional groups, in community events and meetings, and through casual interactions around the office. Clients are not forced to interact with one another and may choose their level of interaction depending on their needs and interests.

Is there family support?

We do offer family support in our program through our Family Coordinator.

How much time is spent with the psychotherapist?

For most teams, clients spend 2 1-hour sessions with their individual psychotherapist (IP) per week. The IP is also a full member of the team and attends team meetings.

How much time is spent with team members?

Clients on a full team have 27 hours a week of one-to-one time with Windhorse staff, 21 hours a week with a therapeutic housemate, and house meetings with the Team Leader, housemate, and client.

Do I have access to my digital devices (wifi, cellphone, computer, gaming system)?

Yes, we don’t restrict digital devices.


Do you work with dual-diagnosis? Substance issues?

Yes, many of our clients have addiction challenges as a secondary presenting issue.

How long is the admissions process?

Our admissions team conduct a comprehensive assessment which is facilitated as quickly and efficiently as possible depending on client needs.

What is the admissions process?

Our admissions process starts with getting to know the potential client, usually over the phone. The next step is an in-person visit. If the potential client is not able to visit in person, Skype calls can be arranged. Following the visit there is an evaluation of the program and next steps are discussed. The process is facilitated as quickly and efficiently as possible depending on client needs. For more information, please visit our Admissions Page.

Cost & Timing

How much does it cost?

We are private pay, most managed care will not pay for our services because we don’t fit the normal model of care with the amount of time we spend with clients.

How long do clients typically stay at Windhorse?

Our average length of stay for clients is 18-30 months. Over that time our clients reduce the amount of support that they need, which reduces the overall cost of the program. For more information, please visit our Admissions Page.

Do you accept insurance?

We can accept insurance for psychiatry and medications. The rest of the program is private pay.

Nursing & Medications

Do you accept clients who don’t want to take medication?

Clients who are new to the program are asked to stay on their current medication regimen for a minimum of 3 months. During the program, we offer an integrated wellness approach and collaborations around medication decisions.

Do you accept clients who want to reduce their medication?

Yes, during the program, we offer an integrated wellness approach and collaborations around medication decisions. This includes reducing medication carefully and over an extended period of time.

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