What level of care is Windhorse?

On the continuum of care, Windhorse is considered a “semi-residential” program. We are a step down from 24/7 monitoring seen in hospital settings, but much more intensive than outpatient care. Our clients live in Windhorse-leased apartments, most often with a therapeutic housemate, and receive 40+ hours of one-on-one services per week from a multidisciplinary clinical team.

What is your length of stay?

We are a long-term program with a typical length of stay between 6 months and 2 years. During that time, services are reduced gradually as an individual gains more connections outside of our program.

How can you ensure client safety?

Client’s safety in the program is held through incredible communication and a team that stays present in any situation. Our communication between team members, family, and the wider community is unparalleled. Team Leaders are available for any crisis. It is important to note that we are not a 24/7 program—clients must be able to spend time alone while receiving this significant support.

Who are Windhorse clients?

Windhorse serves adults (18+) experiencing extreme mind and mood states—often labeled as a mental illness: depression, bipolar, anxiety, and schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, psychosis, personality disorders, PTSD, and autism spectrum disorder. Although we are a program for clients with primary mental health challenges, some clients do come to Windhorse with a substance use disorder as a secondary diagnosis.

Do you accept clients who don’t want to take medication?

Windhorse does not promote any particular doctrine around medication; instead, we cultivate an open collaboration with our clients, offering an integrative wellness perspective around any medication-related decisions with an integrative team approach.  We find the greatest value lies in the conversations and urge those conversations happen between the client, their prescribing doctor or psychiatrist, their clinical team before any change in medication is made.

Do you work with people who have substance use disorders?

Although we are a program for clients with primary mental health challenges, some clients do come to Windhorse with a Substance Use Disorder as a secondary diagnosis. Windhorse uses a Harm Reduction approach to support clients working with substance use or other addictions. Admission is determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on whether or not we determine our services will adequately provide the support necessary for maintaining one’s recovery.

What is the difference among your three locations?

Each site is able to provide the exact same level of care to clients. One often chooses a location based on which city they would most like to reside in. If one holds no preference between the three, a location is often chosen based on most immediate availability.

Is there family support?

At Windhorse, we believe recovery requires a constellation of support, which includes a client’s family (if applicable). We also realize that supporting a loved one who is suffering from debilitating mental illness can be extremely difficult. As such, family members are encouraged to engage with the client’s care team, in the form of weekly meetings, to remain informed about the treatment journey, as well as to receive support when necessary. Click Here to read our Guide for Families.

How much does your program cost?

Our program is individually tailored and costs vary greatly depending on a client’s needs. If you would like to receive a cost estimate for your particular situation, please call our admissions team.

Do you take insurance?

Windhorse is a private pay program. Insurance, including Medicaid and Medicare, does not reimburse for our services.

Do you have financial assistance?

After six months of treatment, we are able to offer a limited tuition subsidy to some eligible clients.

Any other questions?

Please call us at 800-319-8261

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