Image for Lisa Teague

Lisa Teague

Executive Director

Image for Daniel Green, MA, LPC

Daniel Green, MA, LPC

Clinical Director

Image for Jenny Sopher, LMFT

Jenny Sopher, LMFT

Assistant Clinical Director

Image for Elaine Vance, MS

Elaine Vance, MS

Admissions & Outreach Director

Image for Gabe Fields, MA, LMSW

Gabe Fields, MA, LMSW

Clinical Team Leader and Psychotherapist

Image for Tom Johnson, LPC

Tom Johnson, LPC

Clinical Team Leader and Psychotherapist

Image for Mariah Wessel-Draper, LMHC

Mariah Wessel-Draper, LMHC

Clinical Team Leader and Intensive Psychotherapist

Image for April Kauffman, LPC, ATR

April Kauffman, LPC, ATR

Clinical Team Leader and Psychotherapist

Image for Mariah Williams, MA

Mariah Williams, MA

Team Counselor

Image for Grace Spring, MS, LPCA

Grace Spring, MS, LPCA

Team Counselor

Image for Thomas Albanese

Thomas Albanese

Team Counselor

Image for Jackson Parker

Jackson Parker

Team Counselor

Image for Shawna Wells

Shawna Wells

Team Counselor

Image for Hadas Moalem

Hadas Moalem

Team Counselor

Image for Jennifer Stickley

Jennifer Stickley

Team Counselor

Image for Chase Smith

Chase Smith

Team Counselor

Image for Jennifer Marino-Erez

Jennifer Marino-Erez

Wellness Practitioner

Image for Trent Bates

Trent Bates

Peer Support Specialist

Image for Lee Neel

Lee Neel

Still Point Manager

Image for Ana Boboia, MPH

Ana Boboia, MPH

Operations Manager

Image for Francesca Polito

Francesca Polito

Operations Coordinator

Image for Annie Collins

Annie Collins

Fiscal Manager

Image for Noah Roth

Noah Roth


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