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San Luis Obispo Staff
Meet the San Luis Obispo Staff
Image for Dimitri Egan, LMFT

Dimitri Egan, LMFT

Executive Director

Image for Dana Doneza, LMFT

Dana Doneza, LMFT

Clinical Director

Image for Elaine Vance, MS

Elaine Vance, MS

Outreach Director

Image for Gerry Marr, LMFT

Gerry Marr, LMFT

Senior Clinician

Image for Lacey Chamblin, LMFT

Lacey Chamblin, LMFT

Senior Clinician and Outreach Coordinator

Image for Manoj Sharma, LMFT

Manoj Sharma, LMFT

Clinical Team Leader

Image for Kristin Blecha, APCC

Kristin Blecha, APCC

Associate Team Leader and Group Coordinator

Image for Amanda Palen, AMFT

Amanda Palen, AMFT

Associate Team Leader

Image for Mary Wright

Mary Wright

Associate Team Leader and Family Coordinator

Image for Michael Mazzella

Michael Mazzella

Senior Team Counselor

Image for Alex Saldana

Alex Saldana

Senior Team Counselor

Image for Alana Smith-Grove

Alana Smith-Grove

Senior Team Counselor

Image for Angela Becerra

Angela Becerra

Team Counselor

Image for Téa Main

Téa Main

Team Counselor

Image for Tessa Andreini

Tessa Andreini

Team Counselor

Image for Josh Morales

Josh Morales

Team Counselor

Image for Emily Walker

Emily Walker

Team Counselor

Image for Jamie Dubin

Jamie Dubin

Wellness Practitioner

Image for Kim Choquette

Kim Choquette

Still Point Manager

Image for Susannah Fletcher

Susannah Fletcher

Operations Manager

Image for Annie Collins

Annie Collins

Fiscal Manager

Image for Tonya Aurioles

Tonya Aurioles


Image for Claire Plante

Claire Plante

Office Manager

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San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

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Portland, OR 97201

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