Image for Victoria Yoshen

Victoria Yoshen

Executive Director

Image for Phoebe Walker, LMHC

Phoebe Walker, LMHC

Clinical Director

Image for Cat Sargent, LMHC

Cat Sargent, LMHC

Assistant Clinical Director

Image for Jeremy Andersen, LMHC

Jeremy Andersen, LMHC

Clinical Team Leader, Psychotherapist and Education Director

Image for Mary Tibbetts, LICSW

Mary Tibbetts, LICSW

Psychotherapist and Family Coordinator

Image for Elaine Vance, MS

Elaine Vance, MS

Admissions & Outreach Director

Image for Eric Friedland-Kays, MA

Eric Friedland-Kays, MA

Clinical Team Leader and Psychotherapist

Image for Kate Keach, LICSW

Kate Keach, LICSW

Clinical Team Leader

Image for Katherine Parker, MFA

Katherine Parker, MFA

Clinical Team Leader

Image for Amanda Medas, MS

Amanda Medas, MS

Clinical Team Leader

Image for Elise White, BA

Elise White, BA

Admissions Coordinator and Associate Team Leader

Image for Ryan McArdle, BA

Ryan McArdle, BA

Associate Team Leader

Image for Sarah Olds, BA

Sarah Olds, BA

Associate Team Leader

Image for Amy Hoopes, LCSW

Amy Hoopes, LCSW

Clinical Team Leader

Image for Nick Harrison, PhD

Nick Harrison, PhD

Clinical Team Leader

Image for Lucy Slate

Lucy Slate

Team Counselor

Image for Maya Janson, RN

Maya Janson, RN

Wellness Nurse

Image for Lynn Minnick, MA, MSN

Lynn Minnick, MA, MSN

Wellness Nurse

Image for David Stark, MS

David Stark, MS

Peer Counselor / Peer Educator

Image for Jeremy Foster

Jeremy Foster

Peer Counselor and Community Coordinator

Image for Virginia Ahearn

Virginia Ahearn

Still Point Manager

Image for Liz Alsop

Liz Alsop

Operations Manager

Image for Annie Collins

Annie Collins

Fiscal Manager

Image for Elycia Carmon

Elycia Carmon

Administrative Assistant and Property Coordinator

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