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Our Services and Approach to Recovery

“Inherent in every person there is a natural healing impulse toward health and wholeness.”

– Edward M. Podvoll, M.D.
(founder of the Windhorse approach)

What is Recovery?

In the Windhorse community, recovery is seen as a collective endeavor. Life-disrupting extreme states are human problems, best addressed in relationship. 

We each have something to work on, some healing and growth that is important for us at any particular time. The road to recovery is not separate or different from life; rather it is life itself that offers us the opportunity to start again each day, to immerse ourselves in daily activities and to learn and grow in compassionate relationships. Building a meaningful life is central to the work of recovery and not separate from it. Self compassion and acceptance naturally grow when mirrored and encouraged by others.

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“Because of Windhorse, I speak to you today with my humanity intact.”

– Blake W.

Authentic Relationship

By offering genuine and compassionate relationships, we invite people to relax into who they are authentically—beneath turmoil and distress—and to reconnect gradually with other people and with the world around them.

Such healing relationships develop especially within the client’s team, which In its fullest expression includes the client or person at the center of concern, a therapeutic housemate, an individual psychotherapist, a wellness nurse, a team leader who coordinates care, and one or two counselors or peer counselors who—along with the team leader—practice what we call “basic attendance” As the team develops safety and trust, all members collaborate together to open dialogue and deepen connection. This healing network expands, when appropriate, to include family members and others in the person’s community.

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Windhorse staff members are second to none. They treat you not like a patient or client, but like a human being.

– Alejandro


Our approach has sometimes been described as “environmental therapy”, but by “environment,” we don’t necessarily mean being outdoors in the natural world.

While team members sometime spend time together hiking, swimming, or sitting quietly under a tree, we value the importance of every environment and every aspect of daily life.   This includes the household, the local community, the grocery store, the coffee shop—wherever we find ourselves throughout the day.  This can also include various groups and social events within the Windhorse Community. With respect and curiosity, we notice how these environments impact us on every level.  We recognize, in short, that recovery takes place within the dynamic environment of one’s life.

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“Throughout my year at Windhorse, I believe that my whole being has changed, both physically and mentally, as well as a change in my values, beliefs and morals. “

– Josh B.