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Josh B.

Throughout my year at Windhorse, I believe that my whole being has changed, both physically and mentally, as well as a change in my values, beliefs and morals. I have become more assertive and learned how to communicate my feelings and emotions in an appropriate manner, instead of holding them...Read More


In the past, Windhorse seemed extravagant and excessive to me. It was hard for me to imagine trying to live a normal life while being under the scrutiny of a team of experts. As a sixteen-year client of mental health services, no other help I have found was comparable to...Read More

Chaya G.

The Windhorse program allowed me time, space and solitude for rest and patience for the many baby steps that finally got me over the hill of the reductions and restored me to full, drug-free health. All of the small things that my team did regularly; give me a hug, hold my...Read More


At first it was sort of overwhelming to have so much freedom and to be treated like a person and not have to stand in medication lines. It felt like this place was real and they were treating me like a real person. It felt like I had independence and could...Read More

A Parent of a former Windhorse Client

My only regret about Windhorse is that I didn’t find it sooner. The Windhorse model works like no other! It offers an intensive therapeutic environment that does not entail hospitalization or residential care and is ultimately more cost-effective than either. My son has undergone a remarkable transformation. He is living...Read More


What stands out foremost of my Windhorse experience was the level of care I received from the organization. Windhorse staff members are second to none. They treat you not like a patient or client, but like a human being. I now work as a full time mental health counselor in...Read More

Blake W.

Because of Windhorse, I speak to you today with my humanity intact, a kind of exquisite sadness present, and a gentleness that can only be described as love. Windhorse was and is for me a safe harbor. Recovery means that I know, without a doubt, that I will recover from...Read More

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