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At first it was sort of overwhelming to have so much freedom and to be treated like a person and not have to stand in medication lines. It felt like this place was real and they were treating me like a real person. It felt like I had independence and could do what I wanted to do.  It soothed my mind in a way and calmed the chaos.

It is right for me to be here at Windhorse.  I am getting involved with the Peer Counseling internship here now and that is exciting.  I am surprised at how good my relationship with my Mom is right now.  She treats me with great respect and I love her for that.

[One of the most difficult parts of my experience] was just being so dreadfully tired with the meds at first.  I felt awful and depressed about it.  When we changed the medications I felt less numb… now I feel much more free with my thoughts, both positive and negative, and that is a challenge, but worth it.  I feel much more alive.

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