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Throughout my year at Windhorse, I believe that my whole being has changed, both physically and mentally, as well as a change in my values, beliefs and morals. I have become more assertive and learned how to communicate my feelings and emotions in an appropriate manner, instead of holding them in. I have developed a more realistic optimism about my future, instead of always going to the worst-case scenario. I have an increased level of confidence, and am attempting to be more extroverted when the situation calls for it. I have developed the tools necessary to be able to maintain my life if I notice my psychological state starts to deteriorate.

Throughout my year at Windhorse, I have been able to abstain from alcohol and other substances; and I have also been able to discontinue taking psychotropic medications. I have also been working on my physical fitness and nutrition; and have dealt with the obligations of my apartment responsibility. I have been able to maintain a full-time job for over eight months and I also volunteer three hours per week. My values/beliefs have changed as well, I no longer think material possessions bring happiness; I believe this can be achieved by having a supportive family and friends, and that these individuals should never be taken for granted. My moral sense has changed as well; I am now going to hold to a stronger belief in integrity and honesty.

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Josh B.