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Because of Windhorse, I speak to you today with my humanity intact, a kind of exquisite sadness present, and a gentleness that can only be described as love. Windhorse was and is for me a safe harbor.

Recovery means that I know, without a doubt, that I will recover from a fall. I may get really upset sometimes, angry, depressed, but I know that when I get there, I will return to an equilibrium. Recovery also means relationships – cultivating, maintaining, and enjoying relationships, healing through relationships and connections, being able to repair when things fall apart, and being human.

[My team] Phoebe, Cynthia, and Stephanie…went above and beyond what was expected of them within the context of their job to serve my recovery. In the process, I unintentionally pushed every button every one of them had, buttons they didn’t know they had, and they hung in there. Not just good sports, my heroes and my friends.

I began working when at Windhorse as a general education instructor at a technical post-secondary career institute. This was the first job I’d had in my life, and my team coached me through developing a new level of professionalism.

Right now, I’m engaged in a really awesome range of activities, mostly art related, education related, recovery related, and gender related. I’m in the process of establishing a life here. I’m applying to a doctoral program at the University of Massachusetts in Education for the Fall of this year. I’m in a meaningful relationship with a woman whom I love… and I will celebrate a second anniversary in recovery.

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