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Before relocating to Oregon in the summer of 2015 to begin working as a team leader at Windhorse in Portland, Nathan spent four and a half years working for Windhorse Community Services in Boulder, Colorado as a basic attender. Nathan received training at the Boulder Psychotherapy Institute in Applied Existential Psychotherapy in working with adults and couples and also received an M.A. in Contemplative Counseling Psychology from Naropa University’s Graduate School of Psychology in Boulder, Colorado. In addition to working for Windhorse, Nathan provides mindfulness-based psychotherapy for adults and play therapy for children. Nathan has had a strong personal commitment to meditation for many years. Nathan believes that therapy is not about changing oneself, but rather about accessing one’s own innate health and wisdom. Nathan is married and is the proud father of a three year old boy. When he’s not working he likes to spend time with his loved ones, exercising, gardening, cooking, being outdoors, or just relaxing with a movie.