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michael-mazzelaMichael grew up in Long Beach California and moved away to San Luis Obispo for college in 2004.  While getting his B.S. in mathematics Michael started practicing Tai Chi at the Wushu Tai Chi Center here in San Luis Obispo.  After graduating Michael spent time traveling and working.  He first traveled to China to practice Tai Chi and later traveled through Europe and Asia attending various meditation retreats, studying Buddhism, and returning to China to practice Tai Chi for a second time.  After returning from his travels he began working for the Youth Treatment Program here in San Luis Obispo as a Residential Youth Counselor.  At the same time Michael became a Windhorse Housemate.  During his time as a housemate Michael’s appreciation for Windhorse and its compassionate approach to psychology helped Michael appreciate the field of psychology.  This helped him decided to go back to school and study psychology.  Michael continues to work for Windhorse as a Team Counselor while working toward his masters in Psychology at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.