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Lisa has been intricately involved with the Windhorse community for many years in various roles, including board member, parent of a client, and creator and director of a treatment team in Portland, Oregon, where she resided for 30 years. She has been actively engaged in mental health advocacy, fundraising, and community building since 2005, and helped galvanize support of the Oregon Mental Health Parity legislation that passed in 2006. In her current role, she aspires to help raise funds for patient financial aid scholarships. From the perspective of both parent and professional, Lisa researched dozens of community-based mental health options before embracing Windhorse as an optimal approach for healing and recovery.

Lisa’s undergraduate studies focused on business and human resource management, in direct support of her 22-year career at Intel, Sequent, and IBM. Her current educational pursuits have shifted to psychology, mindfulness, and spirituality. She is especially captivated by the latest research in neurobiology and neuroplasticity, and by the healing capacity of human relationships on the mind and the brain. Lisa is also a licensed massage therapist with a specialty in trauma, both physical and emotional.

As a long-term cancer survivor, Lisa embraces holistic healing modalities, and she nurtures her spirit with nature, hiking, meditation, music, authentic relationships, and humor. She is an unapologetic optimist and feels grateful and honored to do this work.