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Born and raised in the South, Elaine headed west after graduating from College of Charleston in 1993. A self-proclaimed vagabond, she settled in Oregon and received her Master’s degree in sociology at Portland State University in 2000.

Elaine taught sociology at the university level for a few years before heading back to the Carolinas to be closer to her tight knit family. She fell into marketing for mental health programs unexpectedly– working first as an Alumni Coordinator for a residential program for adults, while supporting the outreach efforts of the organization. A natural “people- person” who doesn’t mind travel to far-away places, marketing felt like a perfect fit. Over the years of experience, her passion for helping families find appropriate care during stressful and uncertain times has only grown.

Having discovered the mental health benefits of both hiking and gardening; you can find Elaine in her spare time somewhere deep in the woods with her husband, John and their German Shepherd, Max or in her yard digging in the dirt.