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Melisa grew up in the Bay Area after immigrating to the United States at two years old. While growing up, she constantly visited her family in Mexico and gradually became aware of the mental health issues and poverty that individuals endure. Through small acts of kindness, she discovered her passion in helping others. Melisa studied at San Jose State University and graduated with a degree in Psychology. During her undergraduate studies, she worked with children with learning disabilities which furthered her interest in helping those in need. She continued to work with this population in a therapeutic horse riding setting until she finished her bachelor’s degree. After graduating, she moved to San Luis Obispo in order to attend Cal Poly and receive her master’s degree in Psychology. Melisa has recently taken an interest in contemplative practices and is eager to grow and learn on a spiritual level. Melisa is excited to be a part of the Windhorse community and hopes to incorporate contemplative practices in her career as a therapist.