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Windhorse Integrative Mental Health is a unique, mindfulness-based, relational model, creating optimal environmental and community settings to help assist in recovery from severe mental health challenges.

For 25 years, Windhorse has been collaborating with and supporting families, psychiatric hospitals and in-patient facilities such as Menninger, Austin Riggs and Sierra Tucson, to assist with stepping down and transitioning a client back into community and independent living.

The Windhorse Still Point house allows a client to arrive gently into the program, through an initial residence in this fully furnished and maintained home that facilitates a quiet mind and relaxed body. The person then moves into a home in the community, shared with a therapeutic housemate and supported by their multi-disciplinary team. This living situation provides the unique opportunity for the client to develop and cultivate living and relational skills in natural, organic settings, within an uplifted environment of awareness and comfort.

Our approach allows us to admit persons experiencing a wide range of mental health challenges and different life situations and to tailor support to the needs of the person in distress.

We are aware of the timeliness and need for continuity of care in situations in which a transition from one treatment center to another is called for. Our intention is to make the assessment and potential transition as seamless and easeful as possible for you and for the client as we collaborate to help find the next placement for the person you have spent so much time caring for and supporting.

Our admissions staff is available to assist with your after-care planning and next steps. We are committed to providing a thorough assessment and evaluation, while recognizing that some situations call for an expedited or streamlined transitioning process.

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