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Employment & Internships

Opportunities in Northampton, MA

Clinical Team Leader Position

Work closely with adults recovering from psychiatric distress at home. Innovative, small, whole-person, mindfulness-based program. Requires a Masters Degree in mental health plus two years experience and an active contemplative practice. Licensure a plus.
30-40 hours/week with benefits.

Responsible for:

  • Understanding and working within specific contemplative approach (described in the book Recovering Sanity by Ed Podvoll).
  • Facilitation and support of 3-4 “teams” including one on one 3-hour shifts with person receiving services
  • Maintaining contemplative practice and attending group contemplative practice
  • Ongoing training
  • Community participation
  • Weekly meetings with the Intensive Psychotherapist on each team
  • Monthly group supervision by role
  • Monthly large group supervision


Pay range and entry requirements:

  • Starting pay: $38K-$46K commensurate with experience.
  • MA or equivalent experience
  • License or in process
  • 2 year relevant experience in the field
  • Preferred: contemplative practice.


Application deadline: Please send resume and cover letter to Phoebe Walker, Clinical Director at by October 8th, 2018

Skills that are helpful: curiosity, experience with people in extreme mind-states, contemplative practice, compassion, empathy, team collaboration, self-reflection, team facilitation and support, social systems awareness, precision, timely reporting (minimal).


Housemate Position

Windhorse Integrative Mental Health is seeking housemates. A housemate lives with a person experiencing significant emotional distress (i.e. depression, schizophrenia, trauma, etc.) and needing a high level of support and interaction in their recovery process. Windhorse uses a mindfulness-based philosophy in working with these individuals. Each household is fully supported by a clinical team. This is an excellent opportunity for a well-grounded person interested in supporting those seeking recovery and well-being. It is an opportunity for self-growth and work within the human services. Specific experience in this field is not required. Being engaged in a personal contemplative discipline (i.e. meditation, yoga, etc.) would be supportive to this job.

Benefits include a weekly stipend of $242, rent and utilities are paid for, a $400/month food allowance, the freedom to work up to 25 hours per week at another job, ongoing individual and group training and supervision.

We ask a minimum of a six month commitment. Please send a cover letter and resume to


We work with a local college of social work in offering one internship position per school year. We currently don’t have the resources to offer more supervision or work with multiple schools. How we work here is intensive, team-oriented, and takes specific training to our approach. It is not easily translated into the current academic language for the mental health field. It is in our long range plan to have more accessibility, both for clients and students wanting to experience our approach.

Opportunities in San Luis Obispo

Information forthcoming.

Opportunities in Portland

Information forthcoming.