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The Windhorse program nurtures relationships formed in a neighborhood setting that support a client’s growing independence and deep, sustainable recovery.


As you learn more about our program, and Windhorse seems like a potential option, we encourage you and your family to arrange a personal visit. This is an opportunity for us to learn about your needs and desires, and to describe the possibilities of our individualized care. You will have the chance to tour the offices, hold in-depth conversations with clinical staff and explore the surrounding area. Your loved one will spend one-on-one time with a clinician on a basic attendance shift, gaining a first-hand impression of the program.

We are happy to help you find accommodation nearby so that you have time for a half day visit as well as to explore the town.


Our admissions team conduct a comprehensive assessment which is facilitated as quickly and efficiently as possible depending on client needs. We believe that each person deserves the best healing environment to optimize their potential for growth and recovery. We balance that belief with a careful look at the timing of placement with us: is the person stable and able to make the most of the opportunities of this program right now? Our clinical staff will stay in contact with you throughout this process.

If a more immediate decision and admission is required, we will accelerate our process, maintaining the quality of our assessment while doing our utmost to accommodate your needs.

If we feel that our program is not the right choice for you at this time, we are happy to refer you to other programs that may be more suitable.

It may seem so obvious that it doesn’t need to be said, but I think it really is important for Windhorse clients to think of themselves as members of their own teams.The clients who get the most out of Windhorse are the clients who are able to express what they want and are willing to “lean in” on their other team members the way that Windhorse staff members “lean in” on clients.

– Scott

Still Point Residence

A new client often begins their Windhorse journey with a brief stay at the Still Point home, a welcoming temporary residence that provides a heightened level of support at this time of new beginnings. The client’s team – a licensed psychotherapist, wellness nurse, clinical team leader, therapist, team counselors and peer counselor – is in place and the program begins on the client’s arrival. As we work with you to construct a personalized team of support professionals.

During this time, the team and client also collaborates around choosing housing and the therapeutic housemate.

Note: Still point is here to support our program of community living but is not a program unto itself; it is for transitional purposes only and offered upon availability.


Windhorse is a private pay, not-for-profit organization. In this relationship based model of healing, we provide an extraordinary quantity and quality of individualized one-on-one treatment for our clients.

Windhorse stands apart from any other treatment program in this crucial way. In addition to the high volume of individual daily service, we also offer our therapeutic housemate program and an abundance of group and community gatherings. While the cost of delivering our services is significant, we find that most of our clients are able to sustain their recovery, allowing them to live increasingly independent lives.

We request a minimum of six months commitment, to allow time for the integration and relationship building critical to recovery.

Windhorse costs are not covered by insurance.

We welcome your questions and interest with a phone call or email.

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