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Group Activities

Flexibility to Support Client Authority

A frequent curiosity among prospective clients and families is: “What will I/they do with their time?”. This is where groups and a broader sense of community enter the conversation.  Our groups try and cover the gamut of needs – physical, creative, emotional – but are intentionally not mandatory nor fixed. The idea is fluidity and client authority: we want clients, many for the first time in their lives, to design their own day and, ultimately, their lives. Our treatment approach encourages and supports this process with deep compassion and creativity.

We traditionally cover some a basic range of activities which have been consistent staples, though there is always room for modification and addition:

  • discussion groups
  • art and music groups
  • hiking, yoga and tai chi groups
  • addiction recovery group (Freedom Hour)
  • movie & pizza night
  • sports and recreational groups

Many clients have started their own affinity groups after a while in the Windhorse community.

One example is Spanglish, a foreign language group created when numerous clients and staff became excited about practicing their Spanish conversational skills. A Windhorse Choir was recently added to the Music Group when we noticed we have an abundance of vocal skill in our community. We temporally held a weekly reflexology foot massage group when a member of our community was completing her massage licensing requirements. One of our formal housemates was a licensed acupuncturist and offered a weekly auricular acupuncture group in the office.

Our groups reflect the real life interests and talents of our current community!

Supporting Growth through Community

What’s important for us at Windhorse, and critical for any prospective client to understand, is that we offer these groups and get-togethers not as ways to fill time, rather as avenues to support growth. Our regular community events include:

  • potlucks
  • meetings at our garden
  • holiday gatherings
  • poetry and music performance gatherings
  • dinners at clients’ homes (Food & Mood Group)

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